Artist: Truth for Sanity Song: "I Own Your Face"

What a bizarre band this is! Truth for Sanity caught my attention because they feature James Allison, the mastermind behind Blastronauts and the Outer Sounds concert series. But the focal point of this devilish enterprise is Jason Sidwell and his deranged rantings. It reminds me a bit of Tom Waits, Talking Heads' weirder moments and, further down the inspiration chain, Modest Mouse's rougher ramblings. Only this music is even more confrontational than that. Sidwell's vocals are raw and hostile, while the ominous/adventurous backing tracks create an ideal playground for such twisted narration.

Our selected track, "I Own Your Face," is available in studio version at MySpace and in polished live form at the group's new Outer Sounds session. Speaking of Outer Sounds, you can see this unusual entity perform live at tomorrow's installment of the Outer Sounds concert series at Oldfield's on High, 2590 N. High St. They'll be celebrating the release of their new album, E3: Energy, Entertainment, Enlightenment. Also performing: Big Nasty and Sirsy.