I'm kind of floored by NBC News' new online musical interview series hosted by Brian Williams. On one hand, how awesome is it that he's featuring bands like Deer Tick? On the other hand, the entire enterprise seems really out of touch, from the name (BriTunes???) to Williams' dumb questions about Making It Big™ to the ceaseless iTunes product placement. In any case, you've gotta watch it.

I'm going to be very distracted for the next few minutes reading AV Club's interview with Michael Emerson aka Things We Love's Benjamin Linus from Lost. The season finale is tomorrow night!

Some enterprising young students have turned Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea into a high school musical.

Michael Jackson is trying to come up with a new move to surpass the Moonwalk during his comeback shows.

Andy Samberg gave EW the inside scoop on the amazing "Motherlover" video.

Pitchfork interviewed Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch about his God Help the Girl project.

Wanna hear the Fleet Foxes guy covering old folk tunes? Wish granted.

What about bidding on R. Kelly's Looney Tunes bar? There's another wish come true for you.

NPR is streaming last night's Animal Collective concert from Washington, D.C.'s (totally sweet) 9:30 Club.

The Eminem vs. Nick Cannon feud petered out before it got the chance to become something really entertaining. (Also, Dominic West aka McNulty from The Wire apparently guests on Em's new album.)

Jon Stewart is hosting a two-hour special on the immigrant naturalization process for the History Channel.

I always forget Maya Rudolph is married to P.T. Anderson. Apparently they're having another baby.

We wrap up with "Last Choice," the new video from Love Is All.