A source called me at the exact right time to screw up my link hunt, so this will be rather short...

First, NBC's fall schedule is out, but they won't reach a decision on Chuck until May 19. I've always enjoyed the episodes I've seen this year, and I hear such good things about the way they wrapped up the season, so I hope they bring it back.

Now Cat Stevens claims Coldplay stole "Viva La Vida" from him, not from Joe Satriani.

Apple has rejected Nine Inch Nails' iPhone application. On the plus side, apparently Trent Reznor is engaged.

I'm glad somebody else agrees with me that Sugar Ray isn't totally horrible.

Why isn't anybody trying to compete with SNL?

AV Club recalls some of its favorite heavy-handed lessons from Star Trek.

NPR is streaming new albums from St. Vincent, Conor Oberst and Grandaddy's Jason Lytle.

We wrap this quick links sesh with Eminem's (supposedly bloody) "3 a.m." video. I haven't gotten to watch it yet, but let's hope it's better than his last effort.