Rap Radar and MTV are reporting that Jay-Z has left Def Jam.

Elephant 6 fans rejoice! A new Olivia Tremor Control album is on the way.

TV Guide has another Lost video because they know people like me will watch it.

Phoenix is streaming their incredible new album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, on MySpace.

No surprise here: Leonardo DiCaprio is the frontrunner to play Frank Sinatra in Martin Scorsese's biopic.

EW has an Eminem feature.

These American Idol reaction videos are pretty amazing. (Also: Newsweek explains why Kris Allen won instead of Adam Lambert.)

Hulu will begin streaming live concerts in real time.

Lil Wayne's "rock" record, Rebirth (which now features Avril Lavigne?), has been pushed back again.

My boss' worst fears could be coming true: Slate says a Terminator-style takeover by evil robots isn't that far-fetched.

Chris Martin says plagiarism accusations have become "really inspiring."

Why not finish with a video from Royksopp featuring Robyn? 'Tis called "The Girl and the Robot."