Wilco (The Album) is now streaming at Wilco (the website). I'm hoping to finally get to sit down with it later this afternoon. So psyched.

Pitchfork's interview with breakout Cleveland MC Kid Cudi is well worth a read. He is in town tonight for an OSU students-only show at the Newport.

Folks who care about such things should note that Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad's old romantic rival from Laguna Beach, is joining the cast of The Hills. (What a bizarre little slice of pseudo-reality they're carving out over there.)

The Shins' former drummer is opening a taco cart in Portland.

AV Club has an interview with the beautiful, talented Rachel Weisz.

You know, I think I would really enjoy a blink-182/Fall Out Boy/Weezer tour. And maybe I will.

Paste has "the first-ever joint Interview with Dave and Toph Eggers." Toph, you'll remember, is the kid brother Dave reminisced about raising in A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.

Heard about this Daft Punk video game?

Slate thinks the Black Eyed Peas finally have a hit that isn't incredibly annoying. Great line: "They are that guy at the party doing the worm with a lampshade on his head long after the booze is gone."

OK, am I the only one who didn't realize Wanda Sykes was a lesbian?

The Detroit Metro Times has a good Eminem interview that touches on Elton John, Asher Roth and more.

Lastly, here's The Lonely Island (backed by The Roots) performing "I'm On a Boat" on Fallon. Still hilarious.