Adam Lambert

Considering American Idol is down to the top three, I guess it's time I linked to some sort of Adam Lambert story. Here's EW's cover feature.

Amy Winehouse's attempt at a live comeback didn't go so well.

The latest titles in the 33 1/3 series (books about albums) have been released, including tomes about Kid A and Marquee Moon.

Guitar Hero could become a reality show.

I would be very glad if voicemail became obsolete.

TV Guide lists TV's best- and worst-concealed pregnancies. No mention of Angela on The Office?

A new Modest Mouse single, a holdover from Record Store Day, is coming soon.

Damn, $60,000 for a DJ gig?

ABC's Flash Forward is officially coming to TV. No, it's not a Lost tie-in, though ABC hopes to market the shows together.

Invisible Oranges tracks the enduring relationship between Black Sabbath and hip-hop.

Lastly, anyone who knows how much I listen to The Lonely Island's album knows today's featured video has to be Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake's sequel to "Dick in a Box" that aired during JT's SNL hosting stint last weekend. Here's "Motherlover."