Disgruntled former Wilco multi-instrumentalist Jay Bennett has sued the band. Above is a clip from I Am Trying to Break Your Heart featuring Bennett (the dude with the braids) working with the band on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot's "Poor Places."

Apparently the Flaming Lips-Arcade Fire beef is over. Also, the Lips are wrapping up work on their 12th studio album.

Pitchfork has an interview with Wale, the rapper behind one of my favorite 2008 releases, The Mixtape About Nothing. His official debut album drops this summer.

You know Guitar Hero? Well, get ready for DJ Hero.

EW offers a snap judgment on the Tony Awards nominations.

Will 30 Rock's pop culture references cause the show to become outdated?

The Irish Times is reporting that Radiohead's management advised the band to break up before they released In Rainbows.

George Wendt! You want to read about his Random Roles!

Apparently Jimmy Fallon has been pushing for a Saved By the Bell reunion recently.

I'm psyched that stories about the next season of Mad Men are starting to emerge. It will be back in August.

We wrap today's links with "While We Were Dreaming," a new video from Pink Mountaintops.