Artist: City Lights Song: "Just In Case"

I neglected to post a Local Love spotlight yesterday, so today you get two. The first is City Lights, who'll headline the second half of Loganpalooza 4 this Saturday at the Newport. (Check my feature from a couple weeks back for some background on Loganpalooza.)

Over the years, my perception of what qualifies as "pop-punk" has morphed quite a bit. (Times New Viking?) But City Lights takes me back to ninth grade, when the term denoted Blink-182 and New Found Glory. There's a healthy helping of Fall Out Boy in there too, which I'll count as a plus. The point is, these guys are glossy, poppy and irrepressible. Their brash, anthemic declaration, "Just in case you don't know/ We're the kids that own this skyline" could be a rallying cry in cities far from this one. City Lights' sound breaks no new ground, but I don't think I've encountered another local band more ready to make the leap to nationwide radio stardom. Any opening slots left on that massive Blink reunion tour?