Artist: Day Creeper Song: "Problem at Hand"

Over the past year, Aaron Troyer has proven himself one of the most gifted songwriters in Columbus rock, balancing between the overt quirkiness of slacker indie demigods Pavement with the raw power of garage-punk greats from the Nerves to the Box Elders. The common thread? Catchy, concise and more concerned with feeling than perfection. His band applies a messy but purposeful sonic spitshine to these tracks, one of which appears on this year's free Alive Amplified compilation CD. "Problem at Hand" can't be heard at the band's MySpace, but you can hear an old version of the track on the Pat Radio and Art for Spastics podcasts. And of course they'll be performing Thursday at the Alive Amplified release show (Free show! Free CD!) at Circus, 1227 N. High St.