Artist: El Jesus de Magico Song: "Unclean Ghost"

I was shocked to discover last Friday that El Jesus de Magico was a last-minute addition to the bill at the Jane's Addiction concert at LC Pavilion. I'm not sure how well their brooding, hallucinatory "post-primitive" rock went over with Jane's fans, but I love the thought of seeing one of the city's best niche bands try its hand at big-box exhibitionism. Their best chance at winning the masses would have been "Unclean Ghost," the stellar song they released through the exclusive Columbus Discount Records singles club. Tony Allman's striking keyboard lines ride his bandmates' steady rhythmic waves, offering a melodic counterpoint to Jon Witzky's gnarled ravings. It's one of the poppiest gestures from a decidedly experimental punk band. Hear it at their MySpace page, and catch El Jesus live at The Summit June 11.