Artist: Paper Airplane Song: "Spitting in the Lake"

Paper Airplane continues to hone its craft. The 2007 Band to Watch is poised to release its next album of Beatles-biting pop rock, White Elephants, in the coming months. "Spitting in the Lake," one of the tracks featured on the band's MySpace page, finds them in fine form.

The band scales back a bit here, allowing more breathing room than they've accounted for in the past. Ryan Horns' vocal melody drifts comfortably over the mid-tempo piano jam, interrupted pleasantly when Teresa Kent's voice cuts across the mix a minute into the song. It all evolves into a satisfying climax that proves this band has learned to do more with less. If you like Dr. Dog, you'd dig this too.

Catch the band Saturday night at Ruby Tuesday, 1978 Summit St., with Karate Coyote and Elephant Bones.