Black Swans performing Country Cookie No. 3 at WFMU from mike kash on Vimeo.

Artist: The Black Swans Song: "Country Cookie No. 3"

In the above clip from an in-studio performance at WFMU, the Black Swans perform "Country Cookie No. 3," their contribution to a new split 7-inch record with Alina Simone being released by Columbus-based Sunken Treasure Records. The record features a lo-fi demo of the track recorded by Jerry DeCicca and late violinist Noel Sayre during a tour stop in Austin. This take glistens a bit more, exemplifying the adjustments in the group's sound detailed in my update from last month. They'll likely run through the tune Saturday at The Treehouse, 887 Chambers Rd., where they'll celebrate the single's release alongside Parker Paul and Hal Hixson.