The big pop culture story this morning is Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen) sticking his naked buttcheeks in Eminem's face at the MTV Movie Awards, much to Slim Shady's displeasure. EW has video. (Plus: Was Eminem in on the joke?)

In an essay that could make my roommate Keenan very displeased, Idolator presents "The Case Against Phish."

I've been greatly enjoying Simon Reynolds' appreciation of the "in-between" periods of rock history for Slate.

Live Nation is waiving its service charges for any tickets you buy Wednesday.

In the wake of his Barcelona breakdown, Wavves has canceled his European tour.

PopMatters is celebrating 25 years of Prince's Purple Rain.

I don't think I've yet linked to the snippet of a new Dr. Dre song that plays in his new Dr. Pepper commercial.

AV Club appreciates notably trippy kids' shows.

Susan Boyle lost.

Spacehog is coming to Guitar Hero. Sweet.

Paste lists 10 songs about print journalism. What's that? (Oh.)

A former roadie is claiming Jimi Hendrix was murdered.

I agree that Jay Leno's farewell to Tonight was classy.

We finish with an acoustic take on a new song from Frightened Rabbit, entitled "Swim Until You Can't See Land."