Sad showbiz news today: Ed McMahon is dead at age 86. EW reposted a 2005 feature about the former Tonight Show announcer.

Heroes is set to suck again thanks to another exit by stabilizing creative force Bryan Fuller. (Fuller helped the series to its stellar first season before leaving to helm Pushing Daisies.)

Crystal Castles got into an on-stage skirmish with security at Barcelona's Sonar Festival.

The Wire fans: Felicia "Snoop" Pearson is finishing up her rap album.

Slate explains how to "turn your iPhone into the best radio station ever."

What was up with Thurston Moore's shirt during Sonic Youth's performance on Fallon?

You can probably expect two more seasons of Friday Night Lights, and that's it. Go East Dillon Lions!

The latest indie rock album reviews by old people tackle two of the weirdest bands in music: Dirty Projectors and Fiery Furnaces.

Nip/Tuck quietly filmed its final episode, even though viewers won't see it until 2011.

An anonymous indie label has been posting some of the most disastrous demos they've received over the years.

Lastly, I'm excited to report that Sunny Day Real Estate is officially reuniting.

However, I'm disappointed to report that Brooklyn indie rock trio Oxford Collapse, who once crashed at my apartment after a show at Little Brother's, are calling it quits. I've embedded their video for the great "Please Visit Your National Parks" below.