Lady Gaga

Slate has a feature on Lady Gaga, "pop's most pretentious starlet."

Chuck Norris is writing his own book of 101 Chuck Norris facts.

Deadspin points out Joe Buck's phony outrage over his own show.

Reunited Brazilian tropicalia legends Os Mutantes are releasing a new album this year.

Is Timbaland a music thief?

AV Club talked to Mary-Louise Parker of Weeds.

ESPN is apparently doing music coverage now?

EW has a primer on classic country albums for aspiring fans inspired by the CMT Awards.

Speaking of which: Taylor Swift and T-Pain's collaboration isn't even shocking at this point.

Also, did you know only 50 percent of country music's core fan base has the internet at home?

The LA Times explains how to get your Lost fix this summer.

Alec Baldwin told Playboy that he considered suicide after the leak of his angry voicemail to his daughter, and he intends to be done with 30 Rock by 2012.

Members of New Order teamed with Blur's Alex James to form a new band called Bad Lieutenant.

Finally, here's the video for White Denim's "I Start to Run."