Noah Wyle and Steven Spielberg

Per EW: Steven Spielberg is working on a pilot for TNT about alien invasion, and Noah Wyle could star.

AV Club interviews Thomas Mars of Phoenix, whom I have blogged about enough that you should know how much I love their new Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. (Note: Although they claim to be France's only "un-French" band, their promo photo begs to differ.)

Sportscaster Joe Buck is hosting a new talk show, and the first episode ended with quite the trainwreck thanks to Artie Lange.

Apparently the viewing audience for Stewart and Colbert skews older than Comedy Central would like.

Punk News interviewed Kevin Lyman, the mastermind behind Warped Tour.

OK, why would you want digital music embedded in your shirt?

Videogum thinks Andrew WK's new TV show "looks Andrew W nuts."

Also from them: Bruno's moral quandry.

The man who transformed MTV into a reality TV craphole is leaving the network.

Lastly, Blur played their first reunion gig in London over the weekend, a private "friends and family affair," and some guy posted high-quality videos of much of the performance to YouTube. Here's one pick, the glorious "Beetlebum." Hows about some U.S. tour dates, guys?