Above you'll see Mark-Paul Gosselaar appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in character as Zack Morris. One of the funnier guest spots I've seen lately. Also, is Fallon getting on his game? He didn't annoy me during this farce.

Today's other top story is kind of a non-story: Adam Lambert is officially gay.

Check out T-Pain's BIG ASS CHAIN.

The Daily Swarm interviews Bonnaroo's booking agent.

Prefuse 73 got the Random Rules treatment from AV Club.

Wow, David Hasselhoff really wrote a memoir called Don't Hassel the Hoff?

Paste talks to Mark Mallman, who performed a record-breaking 27-hour concert.

The BBC is making a documentary about Ricky Gervais' shows Extras and The Office.

Pitchfork talked to Doug Martsch about the new Built to Spill album.

In the tradition of the blog One Post Wonder, Slate writes on people who sign up for Twitter, post once and never return.

Is Jack White planning a solo record to drop later this year?

OK, so now My Name Is Earl might come to TBS after all.

Lastly, Pavement fans should enjoy this: Matador Records gave away a "Date With IKEA" featuring the band's own Bob Nastanovich. Watch and learn: