I'm so glad the decade is about to end, and so is Andrew Unterberger, a World Series of Pop Culture champion and the proprietor of Intensities in Ten Suburbs, one of the finest pop culture blogs in existence. Why are we so jacked about the approaching conclusion of 2009? Because our love for year-end lists is eclipsed only by our love for decade-end lists. He has already started counting down his list of the definitive singles of the "oughties," even tacking on an extensive prologue about picks 200-101.

Embedded above is the video for Unterberger's No. 115 pick, "Hurt" by Johnny Cash, which, he notes, "lost to 'Cry Me a River' for Best Male Video at the 2003 VMAs, and JT was properly apologetic." This is getting me excited to compile my own list, which I'm going to keep secret for the time being. What about y'all? Any "Best of Decade" picks jump to mind?