The Sex Pistols put out only one proper studio album, making them the most important band in history with only one proper studio album. They neither started punk nor invented filth, but they subversively publicized both through a series of canned stunts, outlandish concerts, seminal music and a gleeful affinity for the vulgar that staid British talk-show hosts couldn't resist.

Iggy Stooge might have rolled around atop a bunch of broken glass in some back alley Detroit dive, but Johnny Rotten wanted to bleed on your dinner table, grinning like The Joker all the way. He was both a master manipulator and a better musician than he gets credit for. (And, no, his genius wasn't limited to his later project PiL.)

Rotten's primal conflict is hating everything except making people feel ashamed, and it defines this track, a demo available on a fantastic box set that includes all their studio work, outtakes and famous interviews. There was never a group like them. There never will be.