The Counting Crows/Augustana show at LC Pavilion has much broader appeal, but few bands cater to my personal tastes quite like Camera Obscura, the Glasgow group that will play tonight at the Wexner Center, 1871 N. High St. It's hard not to compare the band to Belle and Sebastian I certainly did in my preview last week not just because of their shared Scottish ancestry, but for the way both outfits have evolved to combine sullen-faced, prim and proper indie pop with cut-loose blue-eyed soul. "French Navy," the lead track off their new My Maudlin Career, may be the apotheosis of this sound; at least it stands tall alongside "Let's Get Out of this Country," the band's previous high water mark. Hear both songs and much more tonight after Anni Rossi's 9 p.m. opening set. Tickets are $14.