New Radiohead song? You be the judge.

Richard Ashcroft and the boys from The Verve have broken up, again. This time it seems to be for real.

A Christmas special from the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" gang? Best idea ever!

Forget comic books, toys are the new inspiration for Hollywood. With the success (commercial, not critical) of "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe," Warner Bros. has chosen Legos for its next blockbuster. Spoiler alert: destructive child destroys Lego world Godzilla-style during the most apocalyptic ending ever. has the 35 most memorable nude scenes. What, no Jessie Spano?!

The recently defunct Vibe magazine will return with more of a web focus. The publication will be back in print form by the end of the year, but with quarterly issues rather than monthly.

Jack White is so badass he can write and record a song in only 10 minutes, according to the the much-anticipated Davis Guggenheim documentary "It Might Get Loud," focusing on White, Jimmy Page and U2's The Edge.

Brendan Benson, Jack White's buddy and Raconteurs bandmate, is releasing his fourth solo album. "My Old, Familiar Friend" drops next Tuesday and Paste has an interview with the Nashville-based musician.

A.V. Club interviewed with "District 9" director Neill Blomkamp. The film, which opens here Friday, is being touted as the surprise hit of the summer by critics.