It’s officially time to start counting down to this Sunday’s “Mad Men” season three premiere. AV Club has an interview with Jon Hamm.

Where will Paula turn up now that her "American Idol" run has come to an end? For starters, “Ugly Betty.”

Now that the recession is apparently (technically) over, Slate takes a look at which fast-food restaurant came out surprisingly well.

It’s official: Michael Jackson will star in an upcoming 3D concert film.

Paste counts down five classic scenes from “The Wire,” which I haven’t actually ever watched but will link to in honor of usual Lunch-Break-Linker Chris DeVille, a longtime “Wire” devotee.

Molly Ringwald compares her “Sixteen Candles” director John Hughes to Peter Pan and herself to Wendy Darling in a New York Times opinion column.

Elton John is collaborating with Alice in Chains?

And lastly, Beck called up Will Ferrell recently to chat about unitards, harmoniums and pelvic thrusts, and wanted to share the conversation with all of us.