If you were wondering why Weezer named their forthcoming album Raditude, it's Rainn Wilson's fault.

No surprise to hear Psychedelic Horseshit-loving former MTV News anchor John Norris hating on TRL.

Also no surprise that Inglourious Basterds won the weekend box office. See it; it rules.

Man, how sad that summer is so kaput that Idolator is already wondering what song summarized the season for you.

Simon Cowell claims this audition is the best he has ever seen.

Wow... when reality TV goes deadly.

Third Eye Blind is making a comeback. New York's Vulture blog defends them.

More Lost casting news for ya: A famous Japanese actor landed a "significant recurring role."

Does this texting while driving PSA go too far?

Despite their romantic breakup, The Swell Season is still making music. A new single is streaming.

The New York Times writes on Radiohead's mastery of marketing.

AV Club looks back on Fisher Stevens' Random Roles.

Lastly, here's "Surf Solar," the new video from profanely good electronic rock duo F--- Buttons.