Disney is preparing to pay $4 billion to buy Marvel Entertainment Inc., home of Spider-Man, X-Men and dozens more of the best superheroes ever. Not super jazzed about that transaction.

In other strange combinations, Michael McDonald is singing on the new Grizzly Bear single.

Enough addition: As for subtraction, Noel Gallagher quit Oasis again. And he's working on a solo album?

In other British breakup "news," Rolling Stone's latest cover story explains "Why the Beatles broke up." Was that really a mystery?

EW says a fond farewell to King of the Hill, which airs its final episodes Sept. 13.

Matt Damon seems a little young for a lifetime achievement award.

A new Thom Yorke 12-inch album could be on the way.

Wait, traffic tickets are good for you?

Foo Fighters are getting a greatest hits album; Stereogum wonders who else is due for the treatment.

PopMatters says the indie music industry is actually doing OK.

Could there be yet another Rambo movie coming down the pike?

NBC's new slogan: "More colorful."

Reading Rainbow ended its run last week.

Celebrity DJ Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM, was found dead in his NYC apartment. R.I.P.

Meanwhile, new evidence has spurred a re-examination of the death of Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones.

We conclude with The Walkmen's new video for "On the Water."