Jay-Z is feuding with fellow cigar aficionado Rush Limbaugh. No surprise that the rapper called out Bill O'Reilly too.

KRS-One has written a 600-page bible for a new hip-hop religion he is hoping to start.

After inspiring Weezer's questionable album title, Rainn Wilson has moved on to writing a novel.

Bob Dylan will release a Christmas album and narrate GPS systems in the near future.

Pitchfork has a feature on the social history of the MP3.

You would think with society's collectively shortening attention span that Reader's Digest would be doing better.

The Washington Post wonders where Conan's Tonight Show went wrong.

A Soul Train movie is coming soon. The sex column Savage Love might get the film treatment too.

Isn't it a little early to name anyone "woman of the year?"

Eight years after Aaliyah's death, EW and Idolator wonder where she would be today. In her honor, I'll repost the video for one of my favorite singles of all time. Enjoy!