As you've probably heard, yesterday John Hughes, the man behind Ferris Bueller, Clark Griswold and the Breakfast Club, passed away suddenly from a heart attack at age 59. Roger Ebert takes a look back at his career. Ebert's Sun-Times cohort Jim DeRogatis covers Hughes' love of music. Salon shares clips from his most popular films. And Paste lists his 10 best screenplays (I'd have placed Mr. Mom higher than Honorable Mention, but that's me).

Meanwhile, the bones of Michael Jackson continue to be picked: Neverland Ranch might become the next Vegas tourist attraction.

In brighter news, Bourne Identity director Doug Liman and a friend helped save the lives of three people.

"Weird" Al Yankovic has a new single.

AV Club staffers reveal the celebrities they'd like to hang with. Jon Hamm, Stephen King and Seth Rogen, watch your back.

Jay-Z has signed on to be Jay Leno's first musical guest, with a couple of special friends in tow.

San Francisco's Outside Lands Music Fest has tapped Tenacious D to replace the Beastie Boys on closing night.

DJ Shadow just re-launched his website, complete with access to all of his prolific output.

Guided By Voices is packing a third suitcase for a November release.

Salma Hayek dons a beard for her latest movie, yet still manages to look hot.

As Julie and Julia rolls out to theaters, Meryl Streep counts down her favorite foodie movies.

And speaking of favorite movies, (500) Days of Summer fan Brad Keefe suggested you check out this short film made in connection with the feature, highlighting the almost unbearable cuteness of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.