A great look at what happens when a band like The Beatles enters the world of video games.

Oh, man, you've got to see this, the most ridiculous list I've ever seen. Prepared to be awed by the sheer inconsequentiality of it all... (It's actually a pretty fun jukebox, though.)

A modern day Golden Ticket is available! The only catch? You have to buy an album. Oh, and the album is of some pretty offensive Los Angeles noise rock.

Guess what Weezer's seventh album will be called! Raditude! Learn more about another of the band's questionable decisions.

A look back at Woodstock, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

DeVille's alive and well -- and he'll be quite pleased with tons of R. Kelly news. Kels will release Untitled Oct. 13 and start the Ladies Make Some Noise tour five days earlier. For now, this odd project...