Before they redefined bubblegum punk, building on the foundation set by Ramones, The Queers were an incendiary group blasting through 30-second bouts of angst. They always had a sense of humor, but it was hidden behind much edge. Though dulled later by purposefully sappy love songs for the retarded, that clever, nihilistic rip factor was intact on classic early tracks like "We'd Have a Riot Doing Heroin," "Terminal Rut" and "Meat Wagon," which sounded more like the Germs than Blink-182.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short, a collection of early '80s singles, B-sides and rarities, smokes from start to finish. It's got 33 tracks -- then this live radio broadcast that includes nearly all of them. Recorded with the original lineup, it's a faster, angrier version of the New Hampshire group's best stuff.