Brendan Ross no relation to John Ross

A friend of a friend is flying every day for 30 days on JetBlue's universal pass, sleeping in the airport, and blogging about it for Wired. Cool!

Aaaaaaand... cool? Thurston Moore is a fan of Gossip Girl.

Time says Jay Leno's new show will change TV forever whether it fails or succeeds.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone's cover story tackles Stephen Colbert.

Aziz Ansari is leaking exclusive new Jay-Z/Kanye songs now?

In honor of Gamer, EW goes back to evaluate 15 movies based on video games.

They also jump into the never-ending (and pointless) debate about what's the best Beatles song.

CNN has an interesting interview with the creators of Rock Band.

ClearChannel has launched a new radio format targeted at aging Gen-X listeners.

Michael Jackson is officially buried. Now maybe we can bury the overzealous memorializing too.

The Daily Swarm wonders whether jazz is healthy or dying.

Lastly, here are Beavis and Butthead promoting Mike Judge's new movie, Extract.