LeBron James will make his feature acting debut by playing himself in a new comedy called Fantasy Basketball Camp.

Speaking of sports, Deadspin's amazing skewering of a profoundly absurd MLB.com piece isn't really pop culture related, but I enjoyed reading it so much that I had to link it.

MySpace is streaming "11th Dimension," the first single from Julian Casablancas' solo album.

TV Guide is streaming the first 18 minutes of FlashForward.

The Quietus pitted Chilly Gonzales and Andrew WK in an epic piano battle.

Curb Your Enthusiasm will address Michael Richards' N-word incident. (Probably not as well as Wale, though.)

Slate explores the world's best condom ads.

Pitchfork interviewed the album art designer for Dirty Projectors' bizarre Bitte Orca.

The Daily Swarm rounds up Pavement reunion backlash.

What's a bigger dead horse: The Kurt Cobain/Guitar Hero controversy or Kanye-gate?

Last up: A video called "Sunlamp Show" by Aliens, a Scottish group featuring several ex-members of The Beta Band. Enjoy!