Never thought I'd say this, but Episodes, the new Matt LeBlanc sitcom for Showtime sounds downright fascinating.

On a related note, EW readers have proclaimed their biggest musical guilty pleasure: Phish.

Jon Hamm can't get Mad Men DVDs for free?

Final Fantasy's next record will be a concept album about "a farmer named Lewis."

The overlords of Robot Chicken are working with Fox to develop a new primetime animated show.

Pitchfork's countdown of the top 200 albums of the decade continues to creep toward its conclusion.

I'm becoming more and more convinced "reality TV" will be the downfall of our society. Also, trust me Kristin: Middle America is well aware that your show is fake.

Contrary to reports, Robbie Williams' old British boy band Take That are probably not reuniting. Too bad; I want them back (I want them back) I want them back for good.

Slate thinks it's dumb to oversimplify hip-hop history by eulogizing its "golden era."

The New York Times says record stores aren't obsolete.

We conclude with video of Sunny Day Real Estate performing "Seven," the scorching lead-off track from the recently reissued Diary, on Fallon. Stereogum matched it with old footage of the band performing the song on Jon Stewart and 120 Minutes back in the day.