EW has an exclusive visit to the set of Friday Night Lights.

AV Club interviewed Willem Dafoe. They also have a long chat with RZA about many topics including religion RZA, of course, is ridin' for the Five Percenters.

Slate shamelessly proclaims: "Creed is good."

They also have an interesting art-related spin on the bank bail-out.

What do you guys think? Are Mad Men fans a smug, self-congratulatory bunch?

The recently wedded Trent Reznor can't get enough of those sweet tweets.

Do we really need Scream 4? Or is making unnecessary sequels just an extension of the original's spoof premise?

Nice! It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia reruns are coming to Comedy Central.

The Daily Swarm has an interview with dubstep star Mary Anne Hobbs.

CBS Radio is streaming the new Phoenix remix album, while Stereogum has the new Devendra Banhart record for the listenin'.

Guns 'N Roses: Now kid-friendly!

IGN lists the 11 most influential DJs.

Lastly, more Flaming Lips content! Today's it's their cover of "Eclipse" from their upcoming remake of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.