ESPN published a dense, lengthy and highly entertaining essay on football from Chuck Klosterman's new essay collection Eating the Dinosaur.

AV Club has a Random Roles feature with Bronson Pinchot — you know, Balki from Perfect Strangers.

Idolator is counting down the 50 worst songs of the decade. (Subtitle: “Fifty songs so terrible, there wasn’t even room for ‘My Humps.’”)

Slate explains how the music-identifying iPhone app "Shazam" works its magic.

Ain't It Cool News has an interview with Spike Jonze in which he reveals his vision for Where the Wild Things Are was inspired by Arcade Fire's Funeral.

Girl punks Mika Miko broke up. Meanwhile, Trent Reznor got hitched.

The Daily Swarm proclaims the death of the CD age.

Why does SNL struggle so much during non-election years? Too much Kristen Wiig is one answer.

EW lists 16 underrated TV actresses.

We wrap up with Bon Iver traipsing around Norway courtesy of's "Daytripping" feature.