Billboard says Arcade Fire will have a new album out and tour in the spring. Hopefully it's better than Neon Bible.

The Grammy nominations are out. Rolling Stone and LA Weekly offer some analysis.

AV Club keeps up their list deluge with their definitive take on the best films of the decade.

Also, AV Club relayed great news from Variety: P.T. Anderson has a new film in the works!

Chunklet posted 40 minutes of Fugazi stage banter that's better than 40 minutes of some bands' music.

Radiohead's collaboration with the USC marching band will be released for sale.

NBC could be grooming its cable sports network, Versus, to compete with ESPN.

"E" from Entourage is the brains behind Fox's new sketch comedy show Inside Jokes.

EW discusses "new Christmas classics" that measure up alongside time-tested, traditional holiday specials.

The Quietus has an essay on the decade in music.

I strongly disagree with Slate and think TV on DVD is an awesome Christmas present.

On the other hand, they're right on that you should be watching Parks and Recreation. (So should I, for that matter; I've only seen a couple episodes but they've been brilliant.)

Adam Lambert got dropped from more TV appearances? Lame.

Is this the world's oldest musical instrument?

Lastly, here's the video from "El Tigeraso," the new single from Diplo protege Maluca.