Grizz Chapman, far right

30 Rock's Grizz Chapman needs a kidney transplant.

John Frusciante has reportedly quit the Red Hot Chili Peppers again.

The rest of Pitchfork's 2009 singles list is up, topped by Animal Collective's "My Girls."

Agit Reader posted their top 20 albums of the year, a fine mix of indie/critic/blog-gush consensus picks and crud-encrusted gems from the honest-to-God underground. Of course Animal Collective still comes out on top.

The Quietus explores gender's place in this decade's pop music landscape.

AV Club has a Random Roles feature with the always affable Dave Foley.

The new album from Titus Andronicus will be a Civil War-themed concept record. Follow the link to listen to the first single, a nine-minute epic called "Four Score and Seven."

EW lists 10 under-the-radar TV gems.

They also have an interview with Michael C. Hall in the wake of the Dexter finale.

And speaking of Dexter, the showrunner is quitting! Bad news for fans, I'm sure.

Courtney Love lost custody of her 17-year-old daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

Slate wonders why rappers hold their guns sideways.

Today's video features David Bazan and his associate Casey Foubert covering Julie Doiron's "Will You Still Love Me in December" at Bazan's Columbus house show last Friday. (via DoneWaiting)

David Bazan (feat. Casey Foubert) - Will You Still Love Me in December (Julie Doiron cover) from Joel Oliphint on Vimeo.