Donal Logue has accused Rainn Wilson of ripping off his "Jimmy the cabdriver" character for recent NBA TV commercials.

I neglected to announce yesterday that the Golden Globe nominations are out.

EW lists 10 rising stars to watch in 2010.

Slate's year in review tackles the best jazz albums (who knew?) and best video games of 2009.

Meanwhile, AV Club turns its focus on some of the worst movies this year had to offer.

Did you know there's a Beijing rock underground?

Jezebel has one of those "letting it all hang out" interviews with New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis on Hollywood's treatment of women.

Broken Bells, the collaboration between The Shins and Danger Mouse, will release their debut album in March.

MTV News is counting down its men and women of the year.

Lil Wayne's year in jail is supposed to begin Feb. 9.

Speaking of Weezy, some BitTorrent-using online music geeks attempted to "hold him hostage" by threatening to leak his new rock album Rebirth last night. They got a hold of it when Amazon accidentally mailed it to thousands of customers who pre-ordered it.

And we'll end today with a YouTube embed of "Drop the World," a leak from Rebirth featuring Eminem. Warning: NSFW language!