Weezer's website has details on a tour bus crash that left Rivers Cuomo and his family in the hospital.

Tom Brokaw also survived a car crash last week.

The Daily Swarm remembers Altamont 40 years on.

Pitchfork looks back on The Year In News and The Year In Photos.

PopMatters counted down the 50 best singles of the year. I figured there would be more rap and pop on there; didn't expect such an indie-centric list from such a pop-minded site.

Billboard, meanwhile, remembers the one-hittiest one-hit wonders of the decade.

And AV Club's instant nostalgia trip continues with a list of great records from this decade with questionable album art.

Rolling Stone is launching a restaurant chain in Los Angeles.

The New York Times has a big Kraftwerk feature in honor of the new reissues.

Lastly, here's the latest SNL Digital Short from The Lonely Island, starring Rihanna and Andy Samberg as "Shy Ronnie."