Yesterday The Strokes announced their first live appearance since 2006. They'll headline England's Isle of Wight festival in June. Let's hope they make a new album and let's hope doubly that it's as good as the first two. (Sorry, First Impressions of Earth fans...)

In less exciting comeback news: Limp Bizkit.

Nicole Richie is getting her own sitcom.

NPR is streaming "Written in Reverse," the first single from Spoon's upcoming Transference. It's hot stuff, though their reliability/consistency is starting to feel like monotony sometimes.

AV Club lists the top film performances of the decade.

Pete Doherty was dragged off stage in Germany for singing a Nazi anthem.

Lost fans rejoice! Doc Jensen is back with a looooong column speculating on the upcoming final season. Also: Check this sweet Spanish promo.

Ladies and gentlemen: The official song of World Cup 2010.

The dude who plays Mohinder may be leaving Heroes. Is this significant? I tuned out around the time he started growing scales on his back.

There goes Alec Baldwin, threatening to quit 30 Rock again.

We close with the new video for the Shout Out Louds' "Walls." Download an MP3 of the track at Pitchfork.