Bad timing for Golf Digest's latest cover story, huh?

AV Club interviewed Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines about her directorial debut, the awesome-sounding black comedy Serious Moonlight.

Having said that, the site also listed the decade's best bad movies and favorite film scenes.

Check out this sweet series of mixtapes celebrating the "boom bap continuum." (via The Daily Swarm)

I love that Aziz Ansari is now breaking all these new music leaks.

Also love that the lady from "old people review indie rock" web show Breakfast at Sulimay's is branching out into interviews.

Check out the Masters of Lightning, Tesla coil enthusiasts who use electricity to put on quite a show.

Family Ties actress Meredith Baxter came out of the closet at age 62.

Dave Grohl's old band Scream is reuniting without him.

Diplo and Robyn are collaborating on music that only music bloggers/critics will care about.

Slate has a feature on Eva Tanguay, "the first rock star."

Paul Greengrass won't direct the next Jason Bourne movie.

We end today's info dump with WHY?'s video for "These Hands" and "January Twenty Something," an epic two-part clip that spans the first two songs on their Eskimo Snow album.