The LA Times has a semi-revealing profile of Lady Gaga.

Garth Brooks debuted his Vegas residency over the weekend. EW reports it was a casual, intimate affair.

Pitchfork got into the meat of its 2009 in review with the first half of its top singles of the year list.

AV Club has a list of 10 ways to make a crappy video for a good song.

Stereogum tacked 44 more highly anticipated 2010 albums to their previous list of 25.

The guys behind 24 are making a miniseries about the Kennedys.

Chris Brown is pretty upset about certain stores not stocking his record.

Slate thinks is like Irving Berlin.

They also listed the year's best books.

GQ added to the deluge of praise for Parks and Recreation.

Mashable lists 10 of the best Facebook applications for music fans.

All of the sudden Dăm-Funk is everywhere, and that includes right here in this video for "Mirrors," which closes today's links.