Local art metal combo Phantods scored a nice coup last month when their song "Lone Highway" was used in the season premiere of The Real World. (The episode will be viewable here by the end of the month.) After the band hired a licensing agent at $100 per license secured, the tune went into a pool of potential soundtrack music.

"They donít notify you when they use your music," bassist Nate Jacobs explained. "Itís a popular show, so people told us like right away. Gretchenís sister actually called her as the show was being played."

Licensing is great for getting Phantods' sounds to new ears and making some extra money, though payday isn't coming too soon.

"After they use it, it takes about six months before royalties are released," Jacobs said. "Our performing rights organization wonít pay us our royalties for more than a year."

Speaking of money, the band won't make any of it when they play with nine other bands Friday at Ravari Room, 2657 N. High St. That's 'cause it's a Haiti benefit with proceeds going to Doctors Without Boarders. (Full disclosure: My band is playing too.)