Dirty Projectors released a surprise new 7-inch and are offering the songs as free MP3s their site or through the widget above.

Apparently there's still some really great music left in the Jimi Hendrix vault.

The New York Post reports Conan O'Brien is already in talks with Fox after NBC announced plans to move Jay Leno back to 11:35 p.m. Meanwhile, Jerry Seinfeld thinks this whole mess is somehow Conan's fault.

Leno's move out of primetime could mean good things for Friday Night Lights fans.

In honor of How I Met Your Mother's musical 100th episode, Slate explains how sitcoms and dramas that usually don't dabble in tunes can gracefully segue into songs.

Rolling Stone talked to M.I.A. about her upcoming third album.

EW previewed nine exciting new TV shows debuting this winter.

Hollywood is churning out too many remakes this summer.

In one of their trademark "Inventory" lists, AV Club remembers 34 essential uses of voice-over in film.

Lightning rod Vincent Gallo will play a member of the Taliban in the new film The Essence of Killing.

Baroness remixing Surfer Blood? Crazy.

Lastly, here's Lightspeed Champion's video for "Devil In Disguise."