We've been hearing rumblings about "Man vs. Food" coming to Dirty Frank's ... here's the lowdown: Adam Richman, the host of the Travel Channel show, is going to be in town this week emceeing a Dirty Frank's hot-dog eating contest at the 2010 AAA Great Vacations Expo, running Jan. 22-24 at Veterans Memorial. He'll discuss the "incredible food challenges he faces" at noon on Sunday, Jan. 24.

Then, he'll be overseeing as three Columbus foodies compete to eat one of every hot dog on the Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace menu -- more than two dozen. The first challenger to eat his or her way through the dogs will win a gift basket of prizes, including Dirty Frank's gift certificates.

One of the three competitors will be plucked from the audience at noon on Sunday, so if you think you're up for this particular challenge, make sure you're there!