Remember Wayne's World: Rob Lowe's character has taken over the basement show, made changes for prime time and Wayne and Garth sit down for the first opening credits. Everything is kind of the same -- but not really. It's slick, hollow, limp. The idea is there, but it's been stripped of its grit and power and original energy burst.

All that's left is a shell.

That's exactly how I feel about the new Wolfmother album, Cosmic Egg. This is, hands down, 2009's biggest disappointment.

Instead of a smoky, gritty bog of '70s era sludge and unicorn-fringe psychedelia, the band put forth an album not even Jet would touch. Frontman Andrew Stockdale fired his bandmates and hired new ones, and that clearly shows. Everything is polished by studio masters; nothing hits like it's supposed to.

The only bright moments come on "New Moon Rising."