EW has a list of Oscar nominees along with some analysis. I don't like that they're nominating 10 films for Best Picture now... the list seems a little loose. Not exclusive enough. The Blind Side? Somehow, some films still managed to get snubbed, though.

Paste has an interview with Michael Emerson about tonight's Lost premiere.

Pitchfork offers a survey of new music from West Africa.

Matthew Broderick will star in a new sitcom from Lorne Michaels.

AV Club's "Random Roles" feature tackles Kevin Corrigan today. "If you've seen a movie in the last twenty years, Kevin Corrigan was probably in it."

Ricky Gervais is officially planning to guest on the American version of The Office.

What are the five worst management decisions in rock history?

Lastly, Lemonade's "Lifted."