New albums from The Black Keys and Band of Horses are on the way.

Lil Wayne's sentencing was delayed again, this time due to fire in the courthouse.

Figure skating to Nirvana? Sure.

Is the iPod's death imminent?

Forget about "Lost" (may it never be!): They're making a "Gilligan's Island" movie.

The latest "iamamiwhoami" viral video is creeping me out as usual.

It's been a year since Jimmy Fallon came to "Late Night."

AV Club talked to Fred Schneider of The B-52s.

The Big Money introduces us to the faces behind America's top hand models.

Is working for David Letterman like being in a cult?

We close with OK Go's latest viral video sensation, "This Too Shall Pass." Remember the board game Mousetrap? Seriously, how did they pull this off? Amazing.