Holy hell, yesterday brought new tracks by LCD Soundsystem and The New Pornographers to the interwebs.

MTV has announced that the upcoming seventh season of "The Hills" will be its last. Who would have believed this thing would last seven seasons?

I'm looking forward to the "geezer-free" Super Bowl halftime show Fox is promising for next year.

Slate tackles "cyberbullying" and declares that MySpace handles it better than Facebook. Well at least MySpace has one thing going for it.

We're going to see a lot more of Darryl on "The Office" from now on after Craig Robinson's promotion.

Beyonce is knocked up.

AV Club examines pop culture that makes you feel old.

Newsweek wonders if "South Park" is losing its edge.

There's something called the Russian Hip-Hop Summit? And Raekwon is headlining it?

Today's featured video, like yesterday's Hold Your Horses clip, uses low-budget arts and crafts to astonishing effect. This one comes from Paper Route, and it's called "Gutter".