Steve Carell told the BBC that next season will probably be his last on "The Office".

Speaking of sitcoms, Paste lists the 10 best on TV right now.

A British TV production company is planning a dramatized miniseries about Barack Obama on the campaign trail, while The History Channel has cast Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes as JFK and Jackie for another upcoming miniseries.

The Flaming Lips' Steven Drodz is in the hospital but "will be fine."

Eight years after their breakout, the prospect of a new Interpol song isn't that exciting. Yet I must listen.

Speaking of things that are interesting in a potentially mundane way all these years later: EW talked to Wes Craven about "Scream 4".

Could we really be seeing a Magic 8-Ball movie?

More movie news: An "Anchorman" sequel will begin shooting next year, and "The Hobbit" could be shooting by early May.

Has B.o.B. made "the most selling-outest sell out rap album ever to sell out"?

This video of Noel Gallagher talking about his World Cup memories is more interesting than you think. Also, The Fall's Mark E. Smith is planning to release an unofficial World Cup anthem.

AV Club talked to T-Bone Burnett.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post talked "Lost" with Henry Ian Cusick, a.k.a. Desmond Hume.

We wrap up with Hole's video for "Skinny Little Bitch".