Always glad to hear Thom Yorke debuting new tunes. The above untitled selection was premiered in New York last night.

Bizarrely intriguing: George Lucas is partnering with Seth Green and other comedy writers to produce an animated "Star Wars" sitcom.

That Lollapalooza lineup is finally official.

Want to be cast on "Jersey Shore"? Here's what they're looking for.

Speaking of MTV, turns out music videos aren't dead on TV after all.

You have to be a pretty cool pre-schooler to get lectured about white noise by Thurston Moore.

AV Club interviews punk and post-punk legend John Lydon.

Are you aware Conan has been waging a Twitter war with Justin Bieber?

PopMatters has a predictably wild interview with Ted Nugent.

They also talked to venerable music writer Jim DeRogatis about his new Velvet Underground book and more.

We wrap with Against Me!'s new video for "Rapid Decompression".