What?! No Snakepit?!

In what's actually his first true solo album, Slash drops a number of classic rock-y numbers that feature vocals from different high-profile guests. Iggy Pop and Adam Levine appear; so do Kid Rock and Lemmy Kilmister. Much of the sound borrows from Guns 'N Roses' hard-charging, delightfully melodramatic style. Thank heavens for that.

Two things are conspicuous in their absence:

1. The nu-metal edge employed by former guitar gods attempting a comeback 2. That sagging, listless, rock-and-roll fantasy camp vibe that so often characterizes a new meeting of stars at the end of their rope

This thing is actually pretty good. "By the Sword" features Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale on a track that's better than anything on his group's latest album.

(Entire album streaming here all week.)